Wine Review: Doña Paula Selección de Bodega Malbec

Dona Paula Malbec

Dona Paula Malbec

Recently, I was given the opportunity to attend a wine dinner with representatives from Doña Paula. The dinner was fabulous…fluffy popovers, Caesar salad, swordfish steak with jalapeno mashed potatoes, seasoned tomatoes and green beans, and an ice cream brownie dessert to finish the evening. Along with this wonderful food came the delicious wines. My favorite of the night was the 2007 Doña Paula Selección de Bodega Malbec.

The Selección de Bodega Malbec is Doña Paula’s showcase wine — the best of the best. Production is limited, and doesn’t happen every year if the grapes are not up to par. The result is a compilation of the brand’s best terroirs according to Doña Paula’s website: Finca El Alto, whose soils are mainly clayey; Finca Alluvia, which has mineral and rocky soils; and Finca Los Indios, which has calcareous and sandy soils. These grape growing locations are in premium areas of Mendoza, a province that concentrates 80% of Argentina’s wine production. A fact that I didn’t know until talking with Pablo Tome, Doña Paula’s Export Manager, is that Mendoza is known for its desert like conditions. Since Doña Paula is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the harvest period starts in March and goes through the beginning of April.

I will admit that I enjoy my Napa Cabs, but this deep colored, full-bodied Malbec gave the Cabs I’ve been drinking a run for their money. This layered wine started with hints of fruit and ended with a long, spicy finish. It certainly left me wanting another taste!

While the price tag (around $45 a bottle) doesn’t amount to your everyday wine, it’s definitely worth that special occasion.


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