Wine Review: If You See Kay 2010 Italian Red Blend

If You See Kay Bottle

If You See Kay Bottle

I was fortunate enough to enjoy the company of many friends this weekend, new and old. What do you do when you’re surrounded by good company? You break out the vino, of course!

On this particular night, we decided to try the If You See Kay 2010 Italian Red Blend (produced by the same winemakers as the more reasonably priced Layer Cake brand). I will admit that part of why we made the decision to try it was because of the label and the name. The artwork on this bottle is so intricate and detailed. The name, well, you can probably figure it out! After researching the If You See Kay website, I found out that the name pays homage to a literary masterpiece…Ulysses. Who knew a wine with this label could be that profound!

So was this wine as bold and sassy as its label?

The first couple sips fell short of my expectations. It felt very young to me. One of the friends I was with referred to it as “musty,” but I didn’t quite taste that. I just tasted a mouthful of berries. I will say that the second glass was much better after the wine had a chance to breathe. I would have liked to place the wine in a decanter just to open it up a bit more in the beginning.

This Italian blend is mainly Cabernet-based, with a touch of Petite Verdot and Primitivo. Tasting notes refer to it as “a bold and sensual combination of dry raspberries, juicy blackberry jam, plums, zesty cocoa nibs and a bit of spice…moderate tannins and pleasing acidity.” I agree with most of that statement, but my palate has to disagree on the word “bold.” I just failed to see that in this wine.

Overall, for the price of the wine ($25-$30), the label will be a great souvenir to add to my collection, but I won’t claim this wine as an all-time favorite.


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