Wine Review: Michael David 6th Sense Syrah

I swear that I don’t work for Michael David winery, but I think they should start paying me dividends as much as I talk about them!

A couple nights ago, I had the winery’s 6th Sense Syrah. Once again, pure awesomeness on my palate. I tasted dark fruit and spice. I thought blackberry was the predominant fruit, but the winery’s tasting notes mentioned plum. To each their own! It was rich and had a nice length to it. I didn’t think it was as spicy as the Michael David Incognito Rouge that I had last week, but it was still just as full as the blend.


My husband made a tomato-based pasta, which I thought was a nice complement to the wine. I will say that he enjoyed my pick for the night as well.

I believe this wine ranges in the $20-25 price range.

[Update: This wine is just under $20, so $15-20 is probably a better range.]



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