Next Glass: The Pandora of Wine Recommendations

I’m sure we’ve all had times of being clueless in the grocery store, wine shop, or restaurant when trying to pick a wine to enjoy. I must confess that a lot of my purchases are based on friends’ recommendations or ratings information from sources like Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast. A couple months ago, I was introduced to a start-up company that has plans to help us cut through the clutter so that we enjoy our next bottle of wine. This company is called Next Glass.

Next Glass

Next Glass is looking to become the Pandora of wine recommendations. The company wants to solve the problem of uncertainty by “removing subjectivity and applying science to deliver recommendations based on your previous ratings…you rate wine and Next Glass will search its database for similar wines you will enjoy based on the scientific make-up of the wine.”

Next Glass is currently looking for beta testers to start ramping up its Genome Cellar (aka the wine database). If you’re interested in being a part of that test group, I highly recommend checking it out here.

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