It’s a Wine Kind of Night!

So, I haven’t been drinking a lot of wine this summer (when it’s 90 degrees outside, nothing is better than a cold beer), but I was in the mood tonight. I decided on a red wine called Ca’ Momi Rossi Di Napa 2012 from Napa Valley.


Ca' Momi Red Wine

I couldn’t tell you how much I paid for it, but I highly recommend you find it and give it a try. If I were to guess a price, I’d say between $15-20. I think Harris Teeter was having a 20% off case wine discount a couple months ago and I just started picking up wines I had never heard of before to complete my case.

It’s a medium-bodied wine with hints of cherries on the nose and palate. I tasted pepper as well, but couldn’t tell if it was bell pepper or black pepper. Chocolate was another aroma and taste that was present. I actually had bell pepper and dark chocolate in the house so I performed my own tasting and enjoyed every part of it (especially the chocolate)! The finish lingered and it was amazing with my pasta. To think, I almost ordered pizza!


Impromptu Wine Tasting

Performing this impromptu wine tasting for a party of one tonight made me miss all the great food and wine I had out in Napa Valley almost a year ago. I need to plan another trip back there!


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