Bachtoberfest II: Bach & Beer

As part of my transformation these last couple months, I decided to get out and explore new territory in Charlotte last night. I’ve always been a big fan of the Arts, but living further away from the city, I’ve never really explored what Charlotte has to offer. Now that I’m in the city, I’m excited to submerse myself in the culture!

I’ve been wanting to hear the Charlotte Symphony play, and it just so happened that last night was Bachtoberfest II: Bach & Beer at the Knight Theater. On a last minute whim, I bought my ticket and made my way over to the Theater for what promised to be a great show.

There was a pre-concert panel with panelists from the Symphony, NoDa Brewing Company, and the McColl Center for Art + Innovation. The topic was about the creative process — What is the process, what does it mean, and how it is interpreted in your personal and professional life?

Lindsey (Her Hopness from NoDa Brewery) talked about how every day is a new adventure in the creative process. She doesn’t get out of bed in the morning thinking, “No, I got nothing today.” Instead, it’s all about seizing the day, trying new things and experimenting in life and when she’s out promoting NoDa Brewing. NoDa gets its inspiration for different beers from getting out and talking to people in the community. It’s all about local for them, and it comes through in the brand.

Her point of view really resonated with me. Each day that I get out of bed, it’s my goal to have a positive attitude. Of course, we all have our bad days, but each morning is the start of something new and it’s important to embrace that. Who cares if yesterday didn’t go according to plan, get up and kick butt today!

Jonathan Lewis, Assistant Principal cello for the Symphony, gave his take on the creative process from a musician’s point of view. For him, it was about putting himself in the seat of the audience. When he’s writing new music or practicing, he records himself and plays it back to make sure that he’s conveying the right message through his music.

After the panel, came the Symphony’s performance and it was great. I used to play classical music on the piano (many, many years ago). I never practiced and began taking an interest in sports, but I’ve always had an appreciation for talented musicians who can make you feel emotion through a piece of music that is ancient by today’s standards. Christopher Warren-Green, the Conductor, was absolutely hilarious which caught me off guard. He had the audience engaged and laughing throughout the performance, which made it even better.

For my drink of choice, I ended up having the Cavu blonde ale from NoDa Brewing Company. It’s definitely more of a summer beer, but I wanted something light. I would also recommend Ramble on Red which is a red ale that’s very good from there as well, but they weren’t featuring that one last night.

They had a post-concert beer and food tasting, but to be honest, it was so packed in the lobby that I decided not to fight the crowd to get the samples. I’m sure they were great though.

My final thoughts…

If you’re ever in the Charlotte area, I highly recommend that you check out the artsy suburb that is NoDa (North Davidson). There are funky restaurants like Cabo Fish Taco (fabulous) and several local breweries like NoDa Brewing Company to spend the day eating, drinking and exploring.

I also recommend that you check out a Charlotte Symphony performance. Whether it be at the Knight Theater or over at Symphony Park in SouthPark during the summer, the musicians are sure to put on a great show!


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